Warcraft: Congrats Method!

World First Archimonde


Warcraft: Auto Dismount

It didn’t used to happen but now when you collect work orders in your garrison you are auto dismounted and it’s really annoying.

I took to twitter to ask whats going on

So there you have it. They know about it and are looking into it, which suggests to me that it’s not supposed to happen. Quality of life and all that yeh.

Warcraft: Thanks Kazzak

For the Supreme Felchain Bracers and the Mark of Supreme Doom you magnificent son of a bitch!

But seriously what is the point of the shipyard once you’ve used it to get to Tanaan and got the Draenic Sea Chart?

Warcraft: Ships, Shippie Ship Ship

My days sailing on the high seas are done for the time being as I have obtained the Draenic Sea Chart without any failures. I don’t intend to send my ships out on any more missions unless I really need to, and I don’t see why I would need to. Seriously, is there no other reason for the shipyard than this one bit of legendary quest chain? Seems weird to me. Perhaps I will need it again for the next part, but I still need to collect those Tombs of Chaos before we get any further. I only raid LFR it’ll likely be slow going as currently only the first wing is open, though the second wing should open tomorrow.

Warcraft: Productivity!

Well I have sent my ships off on the 5th and final Naval Mission to get my Draenic Sea Chart. At 93% chance of success I’ll be pretty miffed if it fails and REALLY ANNOYED if any of my ships get destroyed, but I’ll guess we’ll see what happens in a couple of days.

I’m running seriously low on Garrison Resources so I built up my lumber mill again only to discover that there are NO trees that I can chop down in Tanaan Jungle. This doesn’t make much sense to me since there is a lumber mill in Vol’mar so it’s not like the trees are too fel tainted or something. I really can’t be bothered farming lumber in older zones, so that was a bit of a waste of time. I’m leaving the lumber mill in (it replaced my Inn) on the off chance that they put lumberable trees in Tanaan, plus I don’t really have enough resources to go changing buildings again after upgrading the shipyard to level 3.

I’m now revered with 2 or the 3 required new factions, I think I’m just shy of revered with the Order of the Awakened. Once I have that, it’s only an assault on Darktide Roost and I should be all set for flying once they pop that in the game. The Darktide Roost assault has never shown up in my garrison as far as I know, and while I could spend garrison resources to force that particular one, I’d rather wait it out for now.

I finally got around to killing Tarlna with Pepe on my head so now I have Perma-Pepe! I was so pleased to finally get him and so I rushed to Wowhead to then find out how to get his costumes, but sadly there doesn’t appear to be any info on how to actually obtain them. I tweeted both Blizzard CS EU and Blizzard Watch, but I’m still no further forward.

Warcraft: Ship Destroyed

damn this shipyard.

I had finished the first naval mission for the legendary questline. I know that I need a submarine for the 2nd quest and I had one (Neltharion’s Madness) but it was only of rare quality. I needed to upgrade it to epic so that it could have 2 bits of equipment. Sent out on a mission which had a high, though not 100%, chance to success and the mission fails and of course which whip gets destroyed out of the pair, yes the submarine.
Now I have to start all over with a new submarine, unfortunately it didn’t get an instant rare upgrade when made either.


Warcraft: Patch 6.2 Goodness

6.2 hit us here in Europe last week and I’ve made quite an effort to keep fairly up to date with it.  Unfortunately having a 7 month old baby means my alts are far more neglected than usual, but I’m happy to just focus on my main for the moment.

Eresin is a level 100 Blood Elf Hunter and is Guild Master to the Thunder Bluff Steakhouse guild on Twisting Nether EU (also home to Method).

I sent out ships on the first naval mission required for the legendary quest chain yesterday so it won’t be back until tomorrow.  If you’re looking for a good guide on the new Shipyard introduced in patch 6.2, then head over to Icy-Veins for the complete guide.

The dailies in Tanaan Jungle have been good and the Garrison Campaign quests keep things fresh.  i’m really enjoying the style of Tanaan Jungle and I think the success of the Timeless Isle really shows here.

I do like to raid but again due to family commitments the most I do if LFR but I’m happy with that.  I don’t find LFR as bad as everyone makes it out to be, in fact I love the feature because I feel like it’s aimed at people exactly like me who can’t commit to a specific schedule each and every week.

The Timewalker Dungeons were fun to do.  Of course during BC I was sick to the back teeth of the dungeons in Zangermarsh after the grinding of coilfang armaments for my hippogryph, but now they are fun again.  I think next month it will be Wrath of the Lich King dungeons and I’m really hoping they include the 3 that were added later into that expansion.  I can’t remember off the top of my head but the one here Arthas is chasing you up the hill, omg, such an awesome fight.  I remember feeling genuinely nervous with how close he got on some occasions.