Weight Loss: Fitbit & Gym Induction

My Fitbit Charge HR arrived early this morning which meant I had time to charge the battery and get it set up well in time for my gym induction, which I’m just back from.

I really like the variety of machines I had a go on, especially the rowing machine, and I will get my gym programme in an email this afternoon. Really looking forward to getting started. The best bit about it is that there was NO treadmill work. I have been really worried about getting on the treadmill. My pelvic floor hasn’t recovered and so when I tried jumping jacks or running it’s just pee everywhere. For the life of my I can’t get those pelvic exercises right. They say not to tense your abs or your butt and at the time I don’t think I am but then I get sore abs and butt so I must be. I just can’t seem to isolate properly. Hopefully doing this gym programme will help.

Anyway super excited to get started tomorrow 🙂