Weight Loss: Fitbit Charge HR Arriving Tomorrow

Well Amazon dropped the price of the FitBit Charge HR to the lowest price it’s ever been before (I use camelcamelcamel.com to track the prices of things that i want to buy). Add to that a little promo that they are taking £10 off every order that is £50 or more so I got it for even less!

It’s arriving tomorrow so I’m pretty excited as I also have my gym induction booked for 2pm tomorrow. Whether I’ll have my Charge HR all set up by then I don’t know, I probably need to charge it up for a few hours beforehand.

A bit nervous about the gym induction. I am looking forward to the strength training but I worry about the cardio. A bit TMI but my pelvic floor simply hasn’t recovered and so if I run or jump I leak pee. It has been a while since I did test so maybe it’s better now but I’m not convinced.