Warcraft: Productivity!

Well I have sent my ships off on the 5th and final Naval Mission to get my Draenic Sea Chart. At 93% chance of success I’ll be pretty miffed if it fails and REALLY ANNOYED if any of my ships get destroyed, but I’ll guess we’ll see what happens in a couple of days.

I’m running seriously low on Garrison Resources so I built up my lumber mill again only to discover that there are NO trees that I can chop down in Tanaan Jungle. This doesn’t make much sense to me since there is a lumber mill in Vol’mar so it’s not like the trees are too fel tainted or something. I really can’t be bothered farming lumber in older zones, so that was a bit of a waste of time. I’m leaving the lumber mill in (it replaced my Inn) on the off chance that they put lumberable trees in Tanaan, plus I don’t really have enough resources to go changing buildings again after upgrading the shipyard to level 3.

I’m now revered with 2 or the 3 required new factions, I think I’m just shy of revered with the Order of the Awakened. Once I have that, it’s only an assault on Darktide Roost and I should be all set for flying once they pop that in the game. The Darktide Roost assault has never shown up in my garrison as far as I know, and while I could spend garrison resources to force that particular one, I’d rather wait it out for now.

I finally got around to killing Tarlna with Pepe on my head so now I have Perma-Pepe! I was so pleased to finally get him and so I rushed to Wowhead to then find out how to get his costumes, but sadly there doesn’t appear to be any info on how to actually obtain them. I tweeted both Blizzard CS EU and Blizzard Watch, but I’m still no further forward.