Getting Nervous

Tomorrow morning is my 2nd weigh-in.  I have weighed myself every day this week but not officially recorded any of the numbers, I’ve mostly stayed the same, though this morning I was down 1lb, so we shall see if that carries over to tomorrow.

I wasn’t expecting a big loss like last week I know, but still i’d be disappointed if I didn’t lose anything at all.  I think 1lb per week, while slow, is decent progress, and probably more manageable.

On Wednesday I did really struggle though, I had strong urges to just binge eat everything in site.  I did cave in and have some chocolate though it wasn’t much at all and I’m glad that I didn’t go all out.  I tried to think about why I was feeling that way.  I have strong suspicions that I am an emotional eater and that I do eat lots of yummy (bad) food to feel better.  I couldn’t figure out on Wednesday why i wanted to binge, I felt great all day, in generally a good and positive mood.  So yeh that has me puzzled slightly, but trying not to over think it.  The binge temptation has passed and I did not indulge.