Chocolate Free!

For a whole day! Some people can probably go a whole day without chocolate and never give it a second thought, but for me that was a big accomplishment. Also no fizzy drinks or sweets!

My lunch didn’t quite work out yesterday so by the time I was home for my dinner I was so hungry and had really bad tummy pains, along with a migraine. Dinner was small and quick and I was straight to bed before 7.30pm. Waste of a night but at least my migraine is gone.

Today I decided to measure out a portion of pasta for tonight’s dinner. I was shocked at how small one portion should be. I then measured out a portion for Chris and added it to the pot for tonight. Those 2 portions together are less than what I would eat myself. I can’t help but think of how hungry I will still be after such a small dinner but then I might be surprised at just how filling a smaller portion really is.

I didn’t realise how bad my portion sizes were. I’ve brought the same for lunch again today but will do it differently. If it all goes rubbish again then I have some cereal with me, which I again weighed out one portion of. Once again I was shocked at how small one portion of cereal was. I daresay that even if I ate the same way as I did before but reduce portion sizes I would lose a fair bit of weight, but still going to stick with eating better too, get the good habits in early.