So It Begins

Sunday 21st June 2014
Starting weight: 168.8 lbs bmi 29.9
Weigh-ins on Friday mornings
Goal weight: 112lbs
56.8 lbs to go

165lbs: Bare Minerals make up
160lbs: Olay 7 in 1 moisturiser
155lbs: Bare Minerals make up
150lbs: Yarn
145lbs: Barry M nail polish
140lbs: Kipling Bag (half way mark!)
135lbs: Yankee Candle
130lbs: Perfume
125lbs: Bare Minerals make up
112lbs: Goal Weight!

Ultimate goal: Complete a Tough Mudder

Plan of action:
1. No more fizzy drinks, chocolate or sweets, with the exception of Friday evenings where I am allowed treats, but only in moderation.
2. Smaller portion sizes.
3. Take the stairs up at work in the morning and down every time leaving the building (5 floors)

I do plan to introduce exercise at some point, however I think my biggest problem is diet related and I worry that if I change too much at once then it will be hard to maintain. Small steps. I am aiming to lose 1lb a week and will use My Fitness Pal and my Jawbone Up24 to help keep track of things.