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  1. Again, nice work. Hopefully work will clear up a bit and I can make it to my new guild’s 25-man Naxx runs to have a crack at the big nastiness that is the Envoy of Mortality.

    My first time being in a group that uses DKP, any advice?

  2. I don’t have any advice really, just spend dkp wisely :-) your guild may have a slightly different way of using it, so best to ask them :-)
    I had never used dkp before but it’s a nice and fair way to hand out loot in raids. My guild awards dkp for being on time to raids, for each boss downed and for every hour spent raiding. I have never used dkp before either so I do not know if this is maybe the same for all guilds or not.
    They can also take away dkp for things too, to make things interesting our guild threatened to give -2 dkp if anyone dies when passing the slimes after Patchwerk. haha.
    So no slacking.

  3. Hesston,
    DKP usage is so widely different from guild to guild. Some use a bidding system, some use fixed costs but the one with highest DKP wins. How you accumulate DKP is also on a guild to guild basis. Some use time spent, some bosses killed, some have fixed amounts and some have a bit more losely based systems.

    My advice though, no matter what system you’re using. Get upgraded. There’s nothing worse than passing on something so that it gets disenchanted even though it’s an upgrade for you just because you’re waiting for “that” drop. But also remember that if you have T7 and T7.5 drops, you might want to pass it to that hunter that’s still running around with greens.

    Eresin, grats on the xbow =)

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