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    • Well Beastial Wrath probably won’t scare him much, and I don’t want to die because chances are if I run into him it’s gonna be one hell of a corpse run!

  1. Every time I’m in Grizzly Hills I use the “Facilities.” I find it humorous and relieving all at the same time. And you might not know of it because its on the Alliance side, I just figured Hordey’s had something like it as well. What happens is that there is a quest where you eat some nuts, go the the “outhouse,” dig them out, and give them to someone, its quite humorous. But after you finish the quest you can use the outhouse whenever you want.

  2. hmm we don’t have a quest like that i don’t think. it’ll explain why i’ve never seen it though cos i’m a hordie.

    so how exactly do you ‘relieve’ yourself?
    /pee ?!?!

  3. you right click on the outhouse and then it makes noises and blasts up dust clouds while you’re in it. Its quite hilarious, like bear noises and the whole screen shakes.

    Its like eating nothing but cheese and drinking immodium.

    …quite noisy.

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  7. Hey, you GOTTA visit the outhouse in Grizz Hill, it’s a unique, um, experience.

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