14 comments on “Boo-Ya 2000

  1. Hi,

    Just thought i would pop on over from BRK’s site and say hello to a fellow Scot :-)

    Decided to go get my first Gorilla at the weekend, Thumper, and loving the Thunderstomp attack – wicked!!

    Why did i wait so long to get one!?!

  2. Lol tell me about it. I had a cat from, 1-70 and then from 70-80 I had a gorilla and it was so much better. Next hunter will be gorilladin all the way to the top!…then the spirit beasty :-)

  3. hahaha pretty much doing the same here – wolf/cat up unitl this weekend at level 64 – gorilladin all the way now til 80 then SB for me :P

  4. Grats on the achievements, I’m still waiting for the guild to do those. =)

    Btw, the Blog Stats counter on the right said only says 2,415 hits?

  5. Nice work!

    I badly need to replace my crafted cloak and have been debating waiting for a drop or getting the badge one. Being guildless right now is making both a little more difficult.

    Regardless, gratz on the loot and the achievements. Those are easy ones either.

  6. Gratz! woohoo.

    I have done nothing this past week as I was entertaining a visiting friend in RL. lol.

    But I will get things done soon.


    Seriously Yay! 2000! I hit mine last week, we should have a party. You wanna come to Iowa, USA? Or do you wanna have me get on over to Scotland…?
    Nah…I’ll go to Scotland…

    Its the better deal.

  8. Yeah, but we’ve got icy cold wind. How bouts we switch places, learn to hate a new place’s weather, and then switch back?
    Yeah, I’m all about that.

  9. Congratulations on the achievements and the 2k hits!

    How about ya come here, and learn about the snow ‘n’ melt ‘n’ freeze? It’s a delightful process which resulted in my friends leg breaking.

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